Bovbjerg økologi

Previous methods kept birds away briefly, but they always returned. BirdAlert has been highly effective in significantly reducing bird numbers. Instead of potentially harming birds when we try and keep them away from our pigs, we use BirdAlert to ethically and humanely scare them away.
- Henrik Bovbjerg

CEO at Koldingfjord Hotel

I recommend it, as it happens in a humane way, it stresses the birds and it can be used through a long season. The combination has worked really well for us.
- Peder J. Madsen

Crop farmer, Langeland

Animan has made it easier to sleep calmly at night.
- Flemming Eriksen

Ejner Hessel, Mercedes Denmark

We started by buying 3 BirdAlerts® to try it out at 3 of our departments. We love BirdAlert® and it has a good effect in keeping gulls and rooks away. Subsequently, we purchased additional BirdAlerts® for several of our locations.
- Morten Christensen, Quality Manager

Martin Fisker

Scare tools worked briefly, but only the BirdAlert keeps rooks away for good.
- Martin Fisker

Organic corn-farming, Aulum

The experience has been unbelievably positive. Noone notices that they are standing there. We have merely heard birdsong occasionally and that has pretty much been it.
- Torben Brødbæk


Animan was a good investment and I look forward to BirdAlert.
- Peter Jensen


I used to lose up to 15% of my crops before I bought Animan 3. My losses were reduced to less than half. Animan was already a good investment after the first season.
- Orla Jensen

Viborg Golfklub

The BirdAlert's success at the golf course has impressed both staff and golfers, greatly improving conditions by deterring messy birds.
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