Conflicts between human activity and wildlife are increasing. In many parts of the world, damages caused by animals create considerable economic and humane challenges. BirdAlert® focuses on problems with birds. But the beginnings of WildDetect are to be found in a far more open-ended ph.d. project from Århus University.

Kim Steen, ph.d, in his study researched the use of processing of signals and pattern recognition for design of systems that would be useful in solving conflicts between animals and people. The results constituted an important step towards more efficient sensor-based solutions for wildlife-friendly farming. It is from this starting point that WildDetect has reached its current position in the market.

Today, we continually research possibilities to expand and improve the BirdAlert® system. We hope to be able to detect more species, also species that are especially problematic in other regions of the world. We keep working to integrate more scaretools in the system. And last, but not least, integrating experience from daily use is ongoing in our endeavors to improve BirdAlert®.

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