BirdAlert® UK based case study

20. November 2020 by René Hvid
BirdAlert® and Scareman on the roof

BirdAlert has been making waves around the UK, and our London based supplier, Integrum Services has a great case study to share. 

In late 2019, Integrum was contacted by a large, London based TV broadcasting company due to an issue they had with pest birds. The birds were damaging the building by dropping stones onto the glass atrium, causing the panes of glass to shatter. This costly problem ended up with the client spending over £250,000 as they needed a crane to place new sections of toughened glass on the site. Furthermore, the broadcaster had all but given up with bird control measures, as a previous pest control supplier had not managed to solve the problem. 

After researching, the company came across our BirdAlert system and gave our UK based supplier a call. Integrum opted to offer a six week trial of the product to prove how effective it truly is. Integrum placed a single unit close to the worst affected area of the building, and the settings were adjusted to deter gulls and rooks. For the input options, the bio-acoustic and inflatable scarecrow where chosen.

Over the six weeks that Integrum placed the BirdAlert unit on the site, they remotely adjusted the product to maintain a pest bird free environment and sent regular reports to the broadcasting company to show it’s effectiveness. Once the trial finished, the client was thoroughly impressed with BirdAlert, as no more glass was broken, saving them thousands more. Two more units have since been permanently deployed to the London site, and other’s have been ordered for different locations around England and Wales.

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