Christmas trees

Bird attacks may ruin the fragile shoots of Christmas trees. Damage may result in malformed, unsaleable trees. Each Christmas tree is vulnerable throughout its lifetime and continuous protection against birds quickly proves a good investment.

BirdAlert® watches over your trees better than any other system. BirdAlert® reacts the moment the birds arrive. Both trees and profits grow better when they are safe from bird attacks.

Detects the presence of birds and scares them off

By their unique sound, BirdAlert® instantly identifies the species gull, rook, goose or starling. Within just a few seconds the newly arrived birds will be met with sequences of species-specific scare-sounds – perhaps combined with other connected scaretools. And you can see what you avoid for your money: The free BirdAlert-app can show on your smartphone how often birds have been present and when.

Birds keep fleeing from BirdAlert®

Most scaretools have a big problem: The birds get used to them. Quickly. Which renders them largely useless. But BirdAlert® keeps your scaretools effective.

BirdAlert® has a large built-in library of sound recordings directly targeting those gulls, rooks, geese or starlings that approach it. The box can control up to five scaretools*. And BirdAlert® can randomize the order of the actions so that habituation is avoided entirely.

A strong system getting stronger still

BirdAlert® radically increases the effect of all connected scaretools by randomizing the order of the actions. The system “stands guard” and rejects bothersome birds as soon as they arrive. Depending on the connected tools, you get a broad range of scare-programs adapted for concrete issues. And the system keeps getting stronger. We project that BirdAlert® will soon be able to also employ for example scarecrow kites, laser systems and blow-up scarecrows. (Expansions will come in the form of software updates. No need to buy a new box.)



I used to lose up to 15% of my crops before I bought Animan 3. My losses were reduced to less than half. Animan was already a good investment after the first season.
Orla Jensen, Svendborg
Animan was a good investment and I look forward to BirdAlert.
Peter Jensen, Skive
I recommend it, as it happens in a humane way, it stresses the birds and it can be used through a long season. The combination has worked really well for us.
Peder J. Madsen, CEO at Koldingfjord Hotel
The experience has been unbelievably positive. Noone notices that they are standing there. We have merely heard birdsong occasionally and that has pretty much been it.
Torben Brødbæk, Organic corn-farming, Aulum
Animan has made it easier to sleep calmly at night.
Flemming Eriksen, Crop farmer, Langeland
BirdAlert<sup>®</sup> – the brain behind the scaretools

BirdAlert® – the brain behind the scaretools

The little yellow box controls and regulates it's connected scaretools to make them work with optimal efficiency. BirdAlert® ensures that they immediately target potentially injurious birds that come within range. And BirdAlert® can ensure that the scaretools maintain their effect week after week, year after year.

BirdAlert® creates lasting effect

The effect of traditional scaretools is most often weakened by habituation. Birds can quickly get accustomed to actions so that they largely lose their effect. BirdAlert® is developed to meet this challenge. BirdAlert® can variegate the order and intensity of actions so habituation can be avoided entirely!

When BirdAlert® registers one of the injurious species it is set to "guard" against, it immediately launches a scareprogram aimed at precisely that species. The program will variegate the order in which the connected scaretools are activated. Augmented by the large built-in library of sound recordings in BirdAlert®, the "yellow brain" thus radically improves the effect of any and all connected scaretools.

More to secure the future

In the future the system will be able to reject more species and allow for an even broader array of scare programs. The BirdAlert® box is equipped with five sockets. Here, different scaretools may be connected, such as gas cannons and loudspeakers. There are additional sockets for hooking up a solar panel and/or an external battery to supply power. We expect that BirdAlert® will soon be able to employ tools such as scarecrow kites, laser systems and blow-up scarecrows. This will not require a new box. Expansions will come in the form of software updates to "the brain".

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