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Really many car dealers experience costly bird problems. When birds fly over the show cars, it often results in the birds’ afterloads landing on the cars.

Birds are by nature not equipped with a bladder. This means that a bird cliff is a mixture of birdwatching and birdwatching. Therefore, the bird clot is very acidic – and potentially harmful to the car’s lacquering.

If the bird cluster is extra acidic and aggressive, a car can damage only 4-5 hours. Especially hot cars are susceptible to the acid from birdbreaks. So especially in the summer months where the cars are particularly exposed.

Save time, energy and money with BirdAlert®.
The car dealer’s most important tool is the show cars. The show cars are brand new, fragrant and clean. If there is a bird’s eye on the cars and the paint is damaged, the car is no longer attractive to the buyer – and the dealer must spend time, energy and money again to make the paint shine like before.

And the next day you can start over …

All of this can be avoided with BirdAlert®. BirdAlert® responds as soon as the birds arrive. BirdAlert® keeps the area free so the injuries do not approach the area or establish themselves.

BirdAlert® detects the presence of birds and scares them away
Based on their unique sound, BirdAlert® immediately identifies birds, mumps, goose, or thorns. Within a few seconds, the arrived birds will be encountered by sequences of species-specific scarecrows – possibly. along with other connected scare tools. And you can see what you avoid for the money: The free BirdAlert app can show on your phone how often birds have been present and when.

Good advice to protect your car as much as possible against birdbreaks

  • Wash the bird bugs away as soon as you have the chance. Use plain water and soap as it neutralizes the acid.

  • If you are not near the laundry, find some water that can dissolve some of the shells. The less the concentration of acid, the less is the chance of paint damage.

  • Never attempt to remove the bird clot with a dry cloth. A dry bird clot acts as a abrasive and you can end up scratches in the paint.

  • Wash your car regularly. If the car is dirty, the bumps will bind better and the combination of dirt and fulgelort can cause even more damage.

  • Be sure to give a car a sealant seal once a year as it protects the paint.

  • Wash the car regularly with a product containing wax – eg autoshampoo.
    Keep in mind that a laundry wax treatment is not a basic treatment but a general surface treatment. An expensive wash with wax treatment is not necessarily worth the money.

  • If the accident has been out, you may be lucky that it is only in the surface. In that case, the damage can almost be polished away with autopolish.

  • If you want to be absolutely sure to avoid damage, they are only two things to do: 1) Pack the car into foil as on, among other things, taxis 2) Cover the car with cover or drive it in the garage.

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