The 17/9 we upgraded our BirdAlert app. Pr. 17/9, we recommend all new users to use the new web app. The new web app brings new updates, a new design and smart new features. You will find the new webapp in the link below:




The BirdAlert webapp offers opportunity to monitor and control the BirdAlert system. It’s easy. You may look forward to seeing how often a box has detected the injurious species and scared them off. You can keep an eye on the battery level. And you may adjust a number of settings altering to what and how the system should react. The webapp can control up to 15 BirdAlert boxes. It shows exactly where each box is situated, because they all have GPS trackers. The free BirdAlert webapp works at all kind of smartphones, tablets and computers.




1What can I use the webapp for?

The BirdAlert webapp gives you the opportunity to monitor activities for each of your BirdAlert boxes and adjust settings for their activities. Find more information in the app user manual.

2What is the price of downloading and using the webapp?

It is free. There is no charge for downloading or using the webapp.

3Which devices support the webapp?

The BirdAlert webapp works for all kind of smartphones, tablets and computers.

4I experience an error – what to do?

If you experience errors, you may contact WildDetect by phone no. +45 31952000 any weekday between 8am and 4pm (CET). We are ready to help and thank you for the opportunity to use your experience to improve the system.

5I do not know how to use the webapp – what to do?

Check our webapp user manual for instructions on set-up and use of the BirdAlert webapp. If still in doubt, you are always welcome to contact WildDetect by phone any weekday between 8am and 4pm CET: +45 31952000 or via e-mail: contact@wilddetect.com.

6I do not wish to use the webapp. Will my BirdAlert work without it?

Yes! Your BirdAlert will function efficiently even if you do not use the webapp. However, you will be unable to change settings or see data for your BirdAlert system.

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