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There are many ways to acquire BirdAlert®. We have listed the options below, so you quickly can choose the solution that you prefer.

Buy through distributors

NOORTH Technical Solutions

NOORTH Technical Solutions is agent for BirdAlert in the Benelux. Wholesaler in technical solutions for bird problems in multiple applications in agriculture, nurseries, animal farms, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, car dealers etc.


Kramp is Europe's largest technical wholesaler in spare parts and accessories for agriculture. Due to its extensive product range, large inventory, fast delivery and the perfect e-commerce solution, Kramp is reliable and important to its customers.


Vikshop is a well-established retailer of cattle products and accessories, including clothing, hygiene, animal shelters and pests. The company is also behind the brand and the webshop Viking, which runs the website Viking Genetics.


P.Lindberg Maskinforretning has more than 50 years of experience in the sale of worn-out sense of quality and good products. Lindberg offers several thousand products in many different categories. Among other things, the company offers workwear, machinery, preventive tools, care products and scare tools. P.Lindberg Machinery business focuses on barns, farms, fields, forests and gardens.


Jasopels A/S is an international production and trading company based in Bording and production in Poland. The company develops, produces and markets a wide range of products sold nationally and internationally to the fur farming industry. The product program includes everything to operate a mining farm, including buildings, minkbure, machines, service agreements and other accessories.


For more than 40 years, HD 2412 has supplied equipment for everything within forests, landscaping, nursery and production of Christmas trees. You will find forest equipment, safety equipment, tools, tools, spare parts and clothing. In 2013, HedeDanmark changed its name to HD 2412.

Skadedyrshop A/S

Abatox pest service was founded in 1957 and has since been engaged in pest control. started in 2005 "for doing the people themselves". Abatox pest service stopped in 2014 to carry out pests.


Based on BioPlant's extensive knowledge of biological plant protection, we are pleased to have BioPlant as a distributor. This solution is specifically addressed to you who want to be responsible for setup and maintenance. Bioplant emphasizes advice.

Buy through pest control companies

Mortalin A/S

Based on Mortalin A/S's extensive experience in pest control at national level, we are pleased to have Mortalin A/S as a distributor of BirdAlert®. Mortalin A/S offers BirdAlert® as an integral part of their bird services. This solution is especially for you who will not stand for setup, maintenance, service etc.


Nomus provides effective and professional control of all types of pests in both agriculture and industry. Common to service technicians is that they are authorized pest killers who are thoroughly trained in the industry to deliver combat at the high level Nomus requires from them.

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